Xian - Electrical Systems inc.

Our Mission, our Values...

Xian rises to the Challenge of producing and developing - in the energy sector - new technologies better suited for today's needs.. Through its medium to long-term strategies, Xian firmly believes in its ability to invent and commercialize what has never been seen. Xian is aimed at touching and enhancing our everyday lives. Its unique and innovative products and systems shall add valuable comfort to our societies. Ultimately Xian's scope shall extend beyond the energy sector.

At its core, Xian has plans to design, manufacture and commercialize worldwide high quality/performance electromechanical devices; the latter will offer its customers superior returns. At the same time, this will guarantee our employees and business partners prosperity in proportion of their respective contributions. By playing a significant role in the economic growth of its clients, the company is bounded to experience a steady expansion of multinational character; Xian will subsequently offer its shareholders regular and superior benefits on their investments.

Xian is particularly concerned by environmental issues, its employees and business partners as well as by its role in society. The overall community will benefit from Xian's presence by its uplifting economc influence and the taxes it generates. Xian is a Canada based company.

Xian is also interested in producing sophisticated military equipment to avoid conventional nuclear weaponry.

Finally, Xian also participates in fundraising activities in the 99.999999999% of the atomic volume which does not consist of electrons, neutrons or protons.